INSPIRED fact sheet

​Download the INSPIRED project factsheet and learn about project activities in:

Nanomaterials synthesis

Nanomaterials formulations

High volume print, sinter and pattern

Applications into:

- LCD screens

- Solar cells

- LCD signage


INSPIRED project presentations

​Selected presentations from project partners either dedicated to the project or referencing the project as part of scientific and industrial development

INSPIRED project publications​

Publications produced from direct project activities

INSPIRED patent applications

​Patents submitted during the project as a result of partner activities

  • Apparatus and method for bulk production of atomically thin 2-dimension materials including graphene (GB1518105.0 and WO2017064496) - Thomas Swan
  • Separation process for laminar materials such as graphene (GB2545092) - Thomas Swan
  • A process for the continuous production of sub-micron two-dimensional materials including graphene (W02017089818 and WO2017089825) - Thomas Swan

INSPIRED support publications

Publications from partners in support of project development:

  • Michael J. Carmody, Jonathan Tunbridge and Tung Kong, Intrinsiq Materials, "Novel Low Temperature Copper Inkjet Inks are a Low Cost Alternative to Silver for Printed Electronics" NIP27: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies and Digital Fabrication 2011 Minneapolis, MN; October 2011; p. 470- 472; ISBN / ISSN: 978-89208-296-4
  • Organic field-effect transistor based sensors with sensitive gate dielectrics used for low-concentration ammonia detection; Andreas Klug, Martin Denk, Thomas Bauer, Martina Sandholzer, Ullrich Scherf, Christian Slugovc, Emil J.W. List; Organic Electronics 14, 500-504 (2013)
  • SensLED: An Electro-Optical Active Probe for Oxygen Determination; Stefan Sax, Evelin Fisslthaler, Stefan Kappaun, Christian Konrad, Kerstin Waich, Torsten Mayr, Christian Slugovc, Ingo Klimant, Emil J. W. List; Adv. Mater. 21, 3483 (2009).
  • Henley et al. Laser patterning of transparent conductive metal nanowire coatings: simulation and experiment. Nanoscale. 2014, 6, 946-952
  • Crozier et al. One step thin-film PV interconnection process using laser and inkjet. IEEE PV Specialists Conference, Tampa, 2013
  • Paton et al., Scalable production of large quantities of defect-free, few-layer graphene by shear-exfoliation in liquids. Nature Materials (published 20 April 2014)

  • Hartl, S., Falk, A., et al. Book chapter: “Nanosafety” in book “The Nano-Micro Interface: Bridging Micro and Nano Worlds. Editors: Van de Voorde, M., Fecht, H.-J, Werner, M., 2nd edition 2014. Wiley-VCH

  • Falk, A., Hartl, S., Sinner, F., 2013. Regulation and safety implementation of nanotechnology for chemical enterprises in the Central Europe Space. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 429, pp.1-7. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/429/1/012068​
  • M Boselli, V Colombo, E Ghedini, M Gherardi and P Sanibondi, Two-dimensional time-dependent modelling of fume formation in a pulsed gas metal arc welding process, (2013) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (22), 224006
  • V Colombo, E Ghedini, M Gherardi and P Sanibondi, Evaluation of precursor evaporation in Si nano-particle synthesis by radio-frequency induction thermal plasmas, (2013) Plasma Sources Science and Technology 22 (3), 035010
  • Reboud, Vincent; Obieta, Isabel; Bilbao, Leire; et al. MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Volume: 111 Pages: 189-192 Published: NOV 2013
  • Y. A. Attia, D. Buceta, C. Blanco-Varela, M. B. Mohamed, G. Barone, M. A. López-Quintela Structure-Directing and High-Efficiency Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production by Ag Clusters, J. Am.Chem.Soc. 2014, 136, 1182
  • A. Corma, P. Concepción, M. Boronat, M. J. Sabater, J. Navas, M.J. Yacaman, E. Larios, A. Posadas, M. A. López-Quintela, D. Buceta, E. Mendoza, G. Guilera, A. Mayoral. Exceptional oxidation activity with size-controlled supported gold clusters of low atomicity. Nat. Chem. 2013, 5, 775.​

INSPIRED patents

Patents from partners in support of project development

  • M.A. López Quintela and J. Rivas, PROCESS FOR PREPARING ANISOTROPIC METAL NANOPARTICLES, Spanish Patent ES2365313B2, 2010; US Patent US8696782B2, Extended to European Union (EP2547477A1), Japan (JP2013522469A), Korea (KR20130059333A) and China (CN102947026A)
  • P. Sleeman, Touch sensor for non-uniform panels. GB2499388.  Granted 12 February 2014.
  • COMPOSITE MATERIALM S. Kappaun, Emil J. W. List, WO/2010/022418

  • INK OR INK ADDITIVE FOR IMPRINTING WOOD, S. Kappaun, Emil J. W. List, G. Mauthner (WO/2009/149483)


  • T. Johnson, D. Deegan, C. Chapman, J. Williams, Twin plasma torch apparatus. EP 1281296 B1, Granted 29.09.2004, published 18.10.2001

  • Godfrey, A. Kong, Fine particles, GB 2008 0023561, Application 24.12.2008, published 01.07.2010

  • D. Johnson, Fine particles and method of fine particles, GB 2011 0009319, Application 03.06.2011, published 06.12.2012 ​​​​​