INSPIRED Project partners are advancing eight pilot lines and three business cases applications throughout the life of the project. Each will lead to new, exploitable results in printed electronics such as newer or more optimized methods, processes, products, etc.  The key exploitable targets are:

Material-based Pilot Lines:

  1. Synthesis of nano-copper including scale-up
  2. Synthesis of silver nanowires including scale-up
  3. Synthesis of graphene materials including scale-up
  4. Formulaton of nanocopper inks including scale-up
  5. Formulation of silver nanowires including scale-up
  6. Formulation of graphene materials including scale-up

Processes-based Pilot Lines:

  1. High-volume printing and sintering including development of pilot equipment
  2. Development of OSI process as an alternative PV interconnect method

Business Case Applications:

  1. Design, manufacture, characterise and validate capacitive touchscreens using copper inks
  2. Development of LCD system using conductive inks - LC Display demonstrator
  3. Development of CIGS cells using copper inks/ AgNWs/GNP